Saturday, November 27, 2010

Alex Ross on the DC Treasuries - 2002

I was going through some scans of the JLA: Secret Origins book by Paul Dini and Alex Ross and was reminded about this passage in an interview with Ross about the classic treasury comics.

I'm not big on remakes or, even worse, "reimaginings", but man I think I would love to see Alex Ross draw a brand-new Superman vs. Spider-Man treasury comic.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Superman vs. Muhammad Ali - New Edition

Just last week, DC released two new editions of the classic Superman vs. Muhammad Ali treasury comic. One was a "deluxe" hardcover, at a smaller size and including extra material.

The other edition, the one seen above, was also a hardcover but printed at the original 10x13.5" treasury size, which was a wonderful nod to what helped make this book so special.

If I had to quibble, I'd question the addition of the red frame around the cover, since it sort of ruins the wraparound effect of the original. But that's a relatively minor concern, since its such a treat to see this book back in print--its cultural impact, over the years, has extended past the world of comics yet it remained essentially unavailable to anyone who wanted to get a copy.

Part of that cultural impact is explored in a newspaper article featuring author Brad Meltzer talking about why Superman vs. Muhammad Ali might just be "the greatest comic of all time." (h/t: TreasuryFriend Josh Blair).

On a related note, now that DC has gone ahead and dusted this classic off and given it the royal treatment, what, if any, other treasuries would you like to see this done for next? Superman vs. Spider-Man? Batman vs. The Hulk? Rudolph's Summer Fun? Leave your thoughts in the comments!