Monday, November 28, 2011


No, I haven't been fortunate enough to add a copy of the uber-rare Charles Biro over-sized comic series Tops to my treasury comics collection--but I did find this copy of issue #1 for sale on eBay, featuring the best, biggest scan I've ever seen of the cover. So I felt like I had to post it here!

Tops was an experiment by comics impresario Charles Biro at a more upscale comic book aimed at adults--its was over-sized and in full-color. It lasted all of two issues.

I had never even heard of Tops when I launched the site, so when Mark Evanier did a nice write-up of us at the time, he specifically mentioned it as being one of the few series I hadn't cataloged. My first reaction was, "What's 'Tops'?" After that I learned as much as I could, and every so often I'd so an eBay search to see if I could hunt down a copy of either issue. I never have, until this week--unfortunately, #1 is going for more than I can really spend, so this will have to do for now!

In the middle of writing this post, I realized the CBDB has nice-sized scans of both issues, so here's the cover to #2 as well:
Some day...

Monday, November 14, 2011

"The Most Beautiful Comic Magazine Ever Produced"

Thanks to new Treasury Hunter Rich Stiteler come these pics of the original mailer DC used when sending copies of Limited Collectors Edition #C36: The Bible to those who purchased it directly.

Rich says he found this--with the original book inside--an estate sale for five measly bucks! Heck, I would have paid double that just for the mailer, this is such a rare item to find! Thanks Rich!