Monday, November 28, 2011


No, I haven't been fortunate enough to add a copy of the uber-rare Charles Biro over-sized comic series Tops to my treasury comics collection--but I did find this copy of issue #1 for sale on eBay, featuring the best, biggest scan I've ever seen of the cover. So I felt like I had to post it here!

Tops was an experiment by comics impresario Charles Biro at a more upscale comic book aimed at adults--its was over-sized and in full-color. It lasted all of two issues.

I had never even heard of Tops when I launched the site, so when Mark Evanier did a nice write-up of us at the time, he specifically mentioned it as being one of the few series I hadn't cataloged. My first reaction was, "What's 'Tops'?" After that I learned as much as I could, and every so often I'd so an eBay search to see if I could hunt down a copy of either issue. I never have, until this week--unfortunately, #1 is going for more than I can really spend, so this will have to do for now!

In the middle of writing this post, I realized the CBDB has nice-sized scans of both issues, so here's the cover to #2 as well:
Some day...

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