Thursday, April 3, 2008

I Mean It This Time

sg Ok, back in 2007 I created this blog with the intention of merging the home site's "What's New" page with a blog, but couldn't find a way to format it to my satisfaction, so I set it aside for a while. But I finally got it where I want it now!

I just did a big update for the site, and that will be the last for the "What's New" page as we know it. Starting in a few weeks, any link to that page will come here, to the Treasury Comics Blog, and instead of a once-monthly group update, I will add things as I get them, leading to hopefully more updating, more notice given to the smaller (but still fun!) additions I regularly make to the site, plus now you fans of the site will have the chance to comment on what I'm doing and what you see on the site, something we've never had before.

I already have a new treasury comic to add to the site, so in a week or two, it will appear here, as will all additions after that. I hope you all enjoy the change!

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Wich2 said...

Rob's continuing Pop Cult World takeover continues!

-Craig W.