Sunday, January 25, 2009

Something Big - 1974

New Ad! This mini-ad ran on the occasional letters page of various DCs in 1973, promising "Something BIG."

DC had actually started publishing the treasuries in 1973, so this ad's a little behind the times, but what the heck--better this than just some dead space on a comics page!


kafraco said...

I always thought that the 'Something BIG' was the 100 Page Super Spectacular comics that came out in 1974. It seemed like all of the titles had them for a while.

rob! said...


interesting, you could be right. the 100-Page series started in 1971, but DC did begin morphing some of their regular books into the 100-Page format in '74, so...

Anonymous said...

I think they're referring to the Tabloid sized treasuries.
They're BIG as in BIGGER rather than Giant iszed or King sized.
It's all in the marketing. BIG means big comic = the tabs
- Mikey D.