Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wednesday Comics Collected

News! DC Comics revealed yesterday that Wednesday Comics will be collected as an 11x17" hardcover edition, retailing for $49.99. No release date yet.

That price point is a little...well, pricey, but I guess that's to be expected, when you're talking about a book this big. And I'm thrilled that DC is preserving the giant-size format of the series...Wednesday Comics just would not have worked squeezed down into standard comic book size.

If I may indulge myself for a second, it'd be cool if DC could simultaneously release a softcover, printed-on-newsprint version in the classic 10x13" treasury format that could be a cheaper alternative to the $50 version. I bought multiple copies of every issue of the series for various nieces and nephews, but at $50 a pop I'm only getting one for myself.

Thanks to Treasury Friend Mark Perez for the tip!

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