Thursday, December 24, 2009

Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali--Again!

News! DC Comics reported yesterday some exciting treasury-related news: in Fall 2010 they will be reprinting the classic Superman vs. Muhammad Ali book, in two formats: one a "deluxe hardcover edition featuring an expanded sketch section and additional content with a new cover by Adams", which sounds pretty cool.

But I'm more jazzed about this version: "a limited edition hardcover in the original trim-size with the complete, original cover of the landmark issue." Yes!

No prices yet, but it's bound to be expensive. No matter; there's no way I'm not getting this!


danielcox said...

Awesome mate...I'll be buying the same version of you.

Just love your site btw...I recently picked up the Amazing World of Superman based of your write up, and loved it. Eventually hope to collect most of them.

Merry Xmas!

rob! said...


thanks for the kind words about the site!

merry xmas and happy new year!

Sam said...


David said...

I was just noticing this now has a November release date; 19.99 for the basic edition, 39.99 for the super-deluxe. Which is really not bad for something this awesome.

Mikeyboy said...

Joe Kubert has the original in his boardroom sized office at his school in a showcase....along with a bunch of other really cool art from way back in the when days!

Mikeyboy said...

You went there you remember seeing it?

rob! said...

Sure do. I mention that on the listing for the book: