Monday, October 17, 2011

What Is This Treasury Comic Worth?

"What Is This Treasury Comic Worth?"--I have gotten that question, or some form of it, almost every single week since I started

For the first few years, the questions were pretty polite, and I usually directed the person inquiring to eBay. But for whatever reason, recently the emails have become brusque, if not demanding: "Hey, I have a really beaten up Batman comic. It has no covers, but is bigger than a regular comic. Smells a little like cat pee. Tell me what it's worth, I need money for a new car." How does one even start to answer something like that?

I used to try, but then people would get mad--actually mad
--at me for telling them that, sadly, that feline-scented copy of Batman's Strangest Cases with the missing cover and mustaches drawn on The Penguin is, in fact, not worth fifty-thousand dollars. People have accused me of trying to "cheat" them, since they were sure I was telling them their books weren't priceless collectibles just so I could offer to buy them myself for a song. After a couple of emails like I that, I stopped answering any and all emails on the subject, polite or not.

So I've finally decided to mention it is not about what comics are "worth", in the monetary sense. Other than a handful of really rare and/or historic books, comics' value come from how much reward you, the reader, gets out of them, what they mean to you. That's what my site is all about--nothing more, nothing less.

If you find some oversized comics you want to sell, check eBay, check; they will most likely give you the info you need; I will not.


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Mikeyboy said...

Seriously. With the internet and all the Barnes and Noble stores around the states you'd think people would know how to do a little bit of research.