Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Collected Adventures of Harold Hedd

New Addition! The Collected Adventures of Harold Hedd treasury comic! Click the image to learn more...


Devlin Thompson said...

The other oversized undergrounds that come to mind are THE SACRED AND THE PROFANE by Justin Green, and Rick Griffin's MAN FROM UTOPIA (which is smaller than tabloid, but larger than a magazine... about 9X12, i believe. As well as the actual tabloids like GOTHIG BLIMP WORKS and the like, but they don't have fancier cover stock, and they aren't stapled, so that may disqualify them here. Incidentally, I stole an image from you here:

and here:

...with credit, at least. I think you might find said posts of interest.

rob! said...

i have tried to find sacred and profane, but no luck yet.

i've decided to leave off the more "newspapery" tabloids, since the format is a bit different, and there's so many small, impossible-to-find ones that i didn't want to go down that road. :)

i saw those posts of yours, much fun! nice tawky-tawny.

Bob said...

Digging through my "old Stuff - I have that pictured Harold Hedd comic. No. 1. Is it worth anything, even in the battered tattered condition?