Friday, June 20, 2008

Geoff Darrow's Comics & Stories #1

New Addition! A handsome, treasury-sized French hardcover featuring the work of Geoff Darrow!


Phobos-Romulus said...

I've been looking for this for a while, are all of the cover images on the back included inside? I'm especially interested in the one called "Le Frigo de Tanino", since I assume he's referring to fellow artist, Tanino Liberatore, the illustrator behind Ranxerox.

You wouldn't mind posting any scans would you?

rob! said...


I don't have the book on hand, but from what I remember the covers on the back cover are NOT on the inside.

Phobos-Romulus said...

Oh, ok, thanks! What exactly is inside? I've seen a few of his Bourbon Thret Stories like The Parochial Terror(which was in an issue of Heavy Metal), then another with a coke machine and a gigantic flying whale, and then one of his fishing for a water bottle in the. desert