Sunday, August 31, 2008

Test Your Comics I.Q.

New Ad! I found this unusual ad in a 1981 issue of the Marvel magazine Bizarre Adventures.

The answer to the question is Hulk, of course, when it really should have been Captain America. Although a treasury-sized Batman Vs. Thor book has its possibilities...

Looking at this now, it seems incomprehensible that an ad for The Comics Journal would be so superhero-centric.

Sorry for taking so long between updates, its been a little harder than usual finding treasury-related material!

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Earth 2 Chris said...

That art is...odd. When Marvel could have just used the headshots they slapped on many products of the time, or even the floating headshots on X-Men and Avengers!

I wonder how many people guessed Wolverine and Black Panther were going to die?