Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wednesday Comics #10 - 9/9/09

New Addition! Week 10 of Wednesday Comics!

Wednesday Comics continues:

Hey, what's with Batman beating up the dogs? He doesn't have any gas pellets in that utility belt of his?

building to a big finish

--Deadman, hero to dead chicks everywhere

--Green Lantern vs. a whole alien armada? Cool!

--Strange Adventures, superb! (Ibid)

--Supergirl continues to be a lot of fun

--After a slow, somewhat bewildering start, Wonder Woman has become one of my favorite strips of the series

--It looks like Demon and Catwoman are finally going to get to team-up!

--Hawkman, talking trash to a T-Rex...awesome.

Wednesday Comics continues to be the comic-reading highlight of my week. And, as always, the next one is less than a week away!

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