Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wednesday Comics #12- 9/23/09

New Addition! The final week of Wednesday Comics!

Wednesday Comics wraps up its extraordinary run:

has a melancholy, hard-bitten end

ends spectacularly. Who's up for a regular Gibbons/Sook Kamandi series?

--Superman has a nice sweet ending with a bit of a twist

--Deadman, off to face more adventures

--Green Lantern ends a bit anti-climactically, but still a lot of fun

--Neil Gaiman jokes in Metamorpho about "Next week's Wednesday Comics"--don't toy with me, Gaiman!

--All of the strips, I'd say Teen Titans was consistently my least favorite, mainly because I wasn't familiar with a lot of the characters and, a lot of the time, I didn't know what the heck was going on!

--Strange Adventures, ends just as well as it started. This series never made a false step--a classic!

--Supergirl has a wonderfully sweet ending. Like with Kamandi, Hawkman, and Strange Advenutures, it makes me want to see a regular Supergirl book by Palmiotti and Conner

--Metal Men, solid!

--Wonder Woman really took off in the last quarter of strips. A really unique take that I thoroughly enjoyed.

--A nice mellow ending for Sgt. Rock

--The Flash
goes out with a bang. One of Wednesday Comics' most consistently good strips

--Demon and Catwoman ends on a flirty note

--Hawkman, Aquaman, and the JLA! Going out with a bang and a boom!

...and so we come to the end of Wednesday Comics. To say I enjoyed this series is a vast understatement. I was so sure that the "giant-size" format of comics (from DC and Marvel, at least) was gone forever, but this series gave me hope that maybe mainstream comics are embracing presentation again as an important part of comics.

I'm so grateful for DC, Mark Chiarello in particular, for doing this, and I hope it was a big sales success for them. I'll cross my fingers for Wednesday Comics 2...and even if that doesn't happen, we have the (hopefully) giant-size collected edition to look forward to!

Wednesday Comics now has a page all its own in the main body of, a spot it highly deserves!


Sam said...

Haven't got the last one yet. But, I, too hope they do it again. I really enjoyed it. I have very fond memories of the treasury sized comics from the 70's. Thank you for this blog by the way.

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