Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Treasury Comics Poll!

Based on a discussion I had last night on Facebook, today I'm launching the first ever Treasury Comics Poll!

The discussion had was this: what if DC and Marvel had kept doing their treasury-sized team-ups after 1981's second Superman & Spider-Man book? What characters might have been paired up, and who might have drawn the book?

My friends and I came up with about twenty or so combinations, some obvious and some ridiculously unlikely. So I picked what I thought were the five "best" of that group and included them in the poll. The choices are:

Batman and Daredevil (drawn by Gene Colan)
Fantastic Four and The Challengers of the Unknown (drawn by Jack Kirby)
Justice Society and The Invaders (written by Roy Thomas and drawn by Jerry Ordway)
Wonder Woman and Thor (written and drawn by Walt Simonson)
Dr. Strange and Dr. Fate (drawn by Michael Golden)

You can make multiple votes, and if you have your own idea of a Treasury That Could Have Been, leave it in the comments!


Wings said...


Josh Blair said...

What? No Aquaman and Sub-Mariner?

Mitchell said...

Fantastic Four & Challengers...KIRBY-KIRBY-KIRBY!

James Figueiredo said...

Oh, c'mon.
A TREASURY SIZED Wonder Woman/Thor crossover, By WALTER FREAKING SIMONSON would be nothing less than EPIC.