Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Treasury Poll: Best Treasury That Never Was

Thanks to everyone who voted in the first-ever poll!

While all five fantasy crossovers started off pretty much even in the beginning, eventually the dream match-up of The Justice Society and The Invaders--written by Roy Thomas and drawn by Jerry Ordway--ran away with it and never looked back.

Considering how much I love(d) Thomas' All-Star Squadron as a kid, it sort of tickles me that this idea won so easily. I would have killed to see a book like this, especially in a classic, giant treasury-sized edition.

This whole silly idea got started between me and a friend of mine on Facebook, and we came up with at least another dozen ideas for DC/Marvel crossovers. So who knows? Maybe I'll go back and find some more, do another poll, and then we'll have some sort of bracket thing where both winners face off.

Thanks everyone!


John Trumbull said...

I saved the list. I've been looking for some Ordway JSA and Invaders art to do up a Photoshop cover for this, but he just hasn't done much work for Marvel.

rob! said...


Yeah, I thought about doing up a dummy cover but it was impossible to find any Marvel art by Ordway.

Should we do a second poll using the other team-ups we came up with?

Mikeyboy said...

The Only Ordway Marvel art I know of is from THOR 9 ...he inks over Buscema. Beautiful stuff man! I do believe he did a mini series too...US AGENT...I think there are scattered shots of CAP and a few other Avengers but thats all. Nothing You can use.