Saturday, October 22, 2011

Little Annie Fanny

Amazing what you can find on eBay! Click the image to learn more about this treasury-sized collection of Little Annie Fanny!


Mikeyboy said...

I have this book. It was in prisitne mint condition when I first got it. Then I went to Kubert school. While I was there my parents decided to let my crazy brother satay in MY ROOM on the weekends. Well now the book has various coffee cup stains on it as well as tears here and about on the dust jacket. I still have the book...but thinking about it pisses me off...until I look inside and begin to read.

Mikeyboy said...

Rob? Why don't you correspond? Just curious?

rob! said...

What do you mean? Correspond how--in the comments?

If I have something to add, I do; otherwise I figure the comments can stand on their own without me chiming in.

Mikeyboy said...

Yeah..thats what I meant. Ok..noted. Thank you :)

david_b said...

Would love to see this, but am more interested in Penthouse's comic more.. A bit more darker and cooler.

Great Site, sir.