Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wednesday Comics #4 - 7/29/09

New Addition! Week 4 of Wednesday Comics!

Wednesday Comics continues:

--Batman is continuing as a really solid detective thriller

--Kamandi continues to be one of Wednesday Comics' highlights

--Deadman is still a lot of fun, I love the "Next Week" gag

--I'm a little confused as to where Green Lantern is going, but it sure does look nice!

--Metamorpho picks up steam, Mike Allred draws a spooky Rex Mason!

--Strange Adventures continues to rock, even without the presence of Adam Strange!

--Supergirl and Metal Men continue be a lot of fun

--I know everyone is singling out Ben Caldwell's Wonder Woman as the weakest strip in the series, but its growing on me--you gotta give Caldwell credit, he's certainly filling up the space and trying something very different. If anything, these 14x20" pages are too small for all that he's trying to accomplish! (Plus: I love the new WW logo)

--Sgt. Rock is moving a little slow, but I think the thing I like best about it is the subject matter is such a contrast to all the other superhero/fantasy material. If they ever do Wednesday Comics 2, I'd love to see DC give a couple other genres some space. Let's see future movie star Jonah Hex get a shot! (No pun intended)

--Hawkman adds Hawkgirl to the mix (always a plus for me), plus it mentions Aquaman! Cannot wait to for the Sea King to enter the mix.

Wednesday Comics continues to be the comic-reading highlight of my week. And, as always, the next one is less than a week away!

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