Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wednesday Comics #5 - 8/5/09

New Addition! Week 5 of Wednesday Comics!

Wednesday Comics continues:

--Ryan Sook turns in more amazing work on Kamandi, and Gibbons knows how to pace this story perfectly

--Deadman continues to be rollicking fun

--Green Lantern seems to be continuing on an odd detour, but I'm interested where its going--its like Hal Jordan in From The Earth To The Moon

--Metamorpho is a lot of fun--"My omelettes, zey are all burnt!"

--Strange Adventures, a bona-fide classic

--The Metal Men meet Dr. Bela Pretorius!

--This week features my favorite Wonder Woman strip so far

--Demon and Catwoman seem like an odd mix, not sure yet what to make of it

--Hawkman ends with a bang--if this series doesn't move ol' Katar back up to DC's A-List, I don't know what will!

Wednesday Comics continues to be the comic-reading highlight of my week. And, as always, the next one is less than a week away!

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