Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wednesday Comics #7 - 8/19/09

New Addition! Week 7 of Wednesday Comics!

Wednesday Comics continues:

--Batman means business

Kamandi, always good

--Some aliens beating on Superman--good stuff!

--Deadman's getting dark

--I'm finally getting a handle on Green Lantern's storyline of toggling back and forth in time, making for an enjoyable read

--Strange Adventures gets even weirder--Dr. Fate???

--Supergirl features Aquaman, way cool!

--The Metal Men features one of my favorite fun villains, Chemo!

--Last week, I wrote that I thought Wonder Woman continues to get better and that Ben Caldwell is finding his groove on this strip. He's continuing that here--this week's adventure is my favorite so far

--The Flash continues to be really solid

--Hawkman, on Dinosaur Island! Coooool!

Wednesday Comics continues to be the comic-reading highlight of my week. And, as always, the next one is less than a week away!

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