Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wednesday Comics #6 - 8/12/09

New Addition! Week 6 of Wednesday Comics!

Wednesday Comics continues:

--Finally, some Batman action in Batman!

Kamandi continues to impress

--The butt-kicking aliens return to Superman--yay!

--Where's my Metamorpho die and game pieces? Can I send in for them?

--Strange Adventures, a bona-fide classic--Ibid.

--Supergirl continues to provide some nice, light-hearted contrast to the other strips. Bonus points for the inclusion of Aquaman!

--The Metal Men, still very cool.

--Wonder Woman continues to get better--I think Ben Caldwell is finding his groove on this strip.

--Finally, Sgt. Rock is freed from captivity! Time to kick some Ratzi butt!

--Hawkman, as it has every week, brings the awesome.

Wednesday Comics continues to be the comic-reading highlight of my week. And, as always, the next one is less than a week away!

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